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Where do I start planning my move?
First of all, you need to find a responsible, certified moving team to help you with transportation. And you’ve found one! MuraWay Moving is a California-certified moving company and offers full and partial packing solutions to help you take some of the weight off your shoulders.
Are there certified packers and movers in California?
At MuraWay Moving, we offer full-service packing and moving performed by the best packers and movers. Our VIP relocating company mission is to simplify your move and make your entire relocating experience stress-free.
Where do I find a certified moving company in California?
MuraWay Moving is your go-to relocation company. Our professional, certified packers will help with wrapping and securing your furniture and other household or office items efficiently. The goal of our team is to make sure that your move is executed safely and efficiently.

Our Story

Are you about to move and need help packing your belongings? Trust our professional VIP packing and moving services in California. At MuraWay Moving, we offer full-service packing and moving performed by highly-trained and professional packers and movers. Our VIP relocating company mission is to simplify your move and make sure your entire relocating experience is stress-free. A new move often feels thrilling because you are about to start a new life in a different place. However, this process is not something that can be arranged in a few minutes. Many people start planning and preparing very late because the thought of the move alone can be extremely tiring. This is understandable! The planning stage includes so many aspects to consider, such as creating a list of things that you would like to bring, dealing with bills, finding the necessary packing supplies, discovering and hiring a responsible, certified transportation company, and the list goes on. So, how do you keep up with all that? Fortunately, you do not have to wonder and worry about planning your relocation anymore. MuraWay Moving is a California-certified company and offers full packing solutions to help take some of the weight off your shoulders. Whether you need our professional, trained packers and movers to pack up your entire apartment or just the kitchen or living room, we offer a variety of services to fit all the needs of each individual customer. MuraWay Moving is a California VIP moving company and offers high-quality packing and transportation services at the most competitive rate on the market. We charge our customers by the hour, which means you do not have to worry about the size or the weight of your move. However, there are certain factors that can affect the total of hours, such as the walking distance from our truck to your building, narrow doorways or stairways, and more. Relocating on your own is quite challenging and frustrating. By hiring our certified VIP moving company, you receive our professional assistance and some more free time to take care of other details of your move.
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Certified moving consultant

To determine all the details regarding your upcoming move, you might want to chat with one of our experienced and certified relocating consultants. They are high-quality experts who understand that every move is unique and can tailor the services we provide to fit your specific needs and preferences. To book our team of packers and movers, you can call us or get a free quote on our website. Yes, it is that simple! When you fill out our online form, we can begin to plan out your move seamlessly. Our team of certified moving consultants takes into consideration your location type, the distance from the truck, elevator access, stairways, the address you are relocating from/to, and other relevant details. Our VIP moving company in California offers a wide range of packing materials, so you do not have to think about what exact supplies you need to purchase to protect your belongings during transportation. Our professional, certified packers will efficiently wrap and secure your furniture as well as any other household or office items. In case you are not interested in a full-service relocation, and only need assistance with moving furniture or need to move a heavy and bulky item like a piano, our VIP moving company is a perfect choice for those projects. The top priority of MuraWay Moving is careful transportation of your belongings.

Why you should choose MuraWay Moving

When you are about to move, your biggest dream is probably to not have to worry about it even for a second. Have we just read your mind? We know what we’re talking about! Speaking with our team of reliable moving consultants will help you understand all of the specifics of your relocation. We take over managing the logistics of the transportation part for you and take care of your belongings so you can simply relax. MuraWay Moving company values our customers’ time and trust. Our crew of professionally trained, strong, and speedy packers and movers will get all your belongings out of the house in a flash and load them into the truck carefully. The goal of our team is to make sure that your move is executed safely and efficiently. That is the reason why MuraWay Moving packers, movers, and relocation consultants do their best to provide its clients with an outstanding service.
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