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How much does an average 1-bedroom move cost in Los Angeles?
The price of average local move is $600 - $650. However, the price depends on a lot of conditions.
How can I make my LA move more affordable?

You can negotiate a better price with movers by asking for a special discount or hiring them at the time of ongoing promotion.

What kind of discounts for moving services can I look for?
Some movers offer discounts for teachers, military, law enforcement members and first responders. If you’re a senior or a student you may also get a better price.
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Discount moving services in Los Angeles, CA

There are many moving companies in Los Angeles, but to find the one that will satisfy you in terms of both – pricing and quality – is pretty hard. The experts say that LA is a perfect study of how the demand curve works. When the demand for something is high, prices rise. And there is plenty of demand for moving services. That happens not only because Los Angeles is a magnet for aspiring directors, screenwriters and, of course, actors. But also because California’s residents are leaving the state at record rates. As a lot of ambitious people are coming here to make their dreams come true, many are packing their belongings to seek a more affordable place to live. So, moving services are always needed in LA.

What is the average cost of the move in Los Angeles?

The average costs of a local move in the city will depend on how many items you have to relocate. In many cases, full-service companies charge by the hour for a local move. You can expect your local movers to charge you $100-120 for an hour of work. So, if you need to move a studio apartment it would cost you about $350-500. For a 2-bedroom apartment, it is going to cost about $550-700 and $900-1100 and more for a 3-4 bedroom apartment. Keep in mind that these are average prices. MuraWay Moving Company also uses an hourly rate instead of charging for items’ weight or size. We are proud of our affordable rates that start from $109/hr cash and $119/hr credit.. Check the details by clicking on the ‘Price’ button in the top menu.

What kind of discounts can I ask the movers for?

Many companies are ready to give their clients a better offer. In our company, we offer cheaper prices for weekdays, so our customers can save some money!


Students are usually a part of a demographic that cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a big move. Relocating to college in another city can also be very pricey. Some companies make offers for students and take less money for their services.


If you are a senior or you are looking for movers to help an older member of your family to move – you may have a chance to get a better price for their services. Many companies offer discounts for such clients. If you cannot find such information on a company’s website – call their office and ask if that’s something they can do.

Law enforcement and first responders

Many companies in different industries are ready to make a better offer for police, firefighters, and EMTs. Movers can also charge them less. Sometimes those clients can get up to 20% off their local move.

Coupons / Ongoing promotions

These are very convenient ways to find a better price – just look for the deals online. There are special websites that collect coupons for many different services, including moving. You can also check the company’s website and social media. Usually, it’s hard to miss an ongoing promotion, because the marketers make it catchy to get your attention.

First-time customers

Some movers offer their new clients better rates to build instant trust. Cheaper options can make a customer choose them over their competitors. That’s a pretty common trick and if you’re not sure whether you want to hire the company or no – you can at least ask them if they offer such a deal.

Returning customers / Membership discount

This is pretty understandable also. If you’re hiring the same company a few times they can show you their appreciation by giving you a discount. If that is not an option, you can at least ask them for other advantages, like offering you extra packing supplies.

Military members or Veterans

Many U.S. brands honor service members by giving them military or veteran discounts. In most cases, the customer needs proof of service or a veteran ID. Keep in mind that some companies give deals only if you’re on active duty.
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We help our customers with packing their belongings appropriately to ensure damage-free delivery.

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