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Hier kunnen veel Nederlandse online casinospelers meer te weten komen over het verhuizen van Vegas naar Californië, evenals de belangrijkste redenen. Een daarvan zijn immers hoge belastingen, de hoge kosten van levensonderhoud en druk verkeer, daarom willen veel Nederlanders naar hetzelfde Californië verhuizen voor een rustiger leven, erkennen De voordelen van het gebruik van een stappenteller voor het bijhouden van fysieke activiteit. Daarnaast moet je bij een verhuizing professionele verhuizers inhuren, een checklist maken van dingen die ingepakt moeten worden en spullen wegdoen die online casinospelers lange tijd niet hebben gebruikt.

Vegas to California


Why California residents are moving to Las Vegas?

The main reasons for moving are California’s high taxes, expensive living and heavy traffic. Las Vegas seems more affordable and less crowded compared to Los Angeles.

Is Las Vegas is a good place to retire?

Yes. There are a lot of retirement communities and services for seniors in Las Vegas and cities nearby.

What are the tips on moving from California to Las Vegas?

Make sure that you are comfortable with Nevada’s climate before deciding to move there. When moving, hire professional movers, make a checklist of items to be packed and get rid of the stuff you didn’t use in a long time.

Nick and Ivan are super helpful! Everything is done quick and beautifully with very reasonable price. Will definitely recommend to a friend.
Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Viola F.

Irvine, CA

The team called me upon arriving with exact ETA and were right on time. I am so sorry it was hottest day, but you guys were amazing. fast, professional and courteous. I reallu appreciate your help. I would not done it without you.
Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Nicole C.

Azusa, CA

This was probably one of my best successful moves! Nick was extremely responsive from requesting a quote to the actual move date. He was extremely flexible which is difficult to find with other moving companies.
Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Nisreen B.

Houston, TX

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Moving from California to Las Vegas

Relocating is a big step, especially when you’re moving from one state to another. If you’re thinking about moving away from LA or California, you might want to consider living in Las Vegas. There are plenty of pros to that idea and we can share some with you.

One of the best locations

If you’re moving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles and worrying that there is something that you will probably need to get back to – don’t worry, there will be no burning bridges. You can still get back to Los Angeles in just about 4-5 hours. Las Vegas benefits from an amazing location. It is kind of in the middle of all the major big cities you will be having an opportunity to go to.

Exceptional nature and activities

If you’re someone who likes to go hiking, do swimming, boating, jet skiing – you would absolutely love moving to Las Vegas. Unlike California, Nevada doesn’t have a coastline, but Las Vegas is surrounded by lots of natural wonders, parks, lakes, and major things to explore. You are going to need to spend less than an hour to get to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area or Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Living in Las Vegas gives you every opportunity to explore outdoor life. Even snowboarding – just 45 minutes from Las Vegas is Mt Charleston where you can actually snowboard during winter months. It doesn’t snow in the Valley however the mount receives snow every year.

Local Weather

If you’re moving to Las Vegas you’re getting yourself over 310 days of sunshine and very little rain during the year. Amazing, isn’t it? The weather is dry with almost no humidity. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 38°F to 105°F and is rarely below 30°F or above 111°F. The winters are typically very short and mild there. There are also noticeably fewer bugs and mosquitoes than there are in California.  Snow accumulates in the mountain ranges surrounding Las Vegas during the winter. So if you’re tired of California’s humidity or rainy days– moving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles might be a great idea.

More affordable living

The cost of living is a very personal thing, and you are the one who is going to have to decide if the price of moving to Las Vegas is affordable for you. But the average cost of living there is just substantially lower than it is in California and LA where housing and services costs are astronomical. It’s pretty affordable even though the rents are rising all over the country. If you’re looking for a super cheap place – this is not going to be the place for you, but it is one of the most affordable cities to live in the USA at this time.

Low tax state

Overall taxes in Las Vegas are pretty low. Nevada doesn’t have a state income tax so if you’re coming from a higher income tax state like California you will automatically save money by moving to Las Vegas.  If you’re retired, that also means no state income tax on your Social Security benefits, withdrawals from your IRA or 401(k) plan, and payouts from your pension. With that being said there are a few things that you need to be aware of – for example, the sales taxes in Nevada are relatively high.

Forget about traffic

LA and California in general are pretty much crowded. Many people are not comfortable with the situation on the roads there, which is often called the worst traffic not only in California but in America. Los Angeles has a rush hour, something that you would not see in Las Vegas outside of the Strip. Traffic in Las Vegas is a breeze compared to California, and distances are small in comparison. LA also has very aggressive drivers on the freeways. So if you don’t enjoy spending your time in line, or you easily get stressed out while driving – consider moving to Las Vegas.

High community level

Comparing to Los Angeles, Las Vegas seems like a small town. It has way fewer people and that could be the reason why locals in Las Vegas are used to better services, taking care of each other and appreciating good neighbors. Saying hello and holding a door for someone is a very common thing. The community vibe there is stronger than in California and citizens are actually very friendly towards tourists. Living there you will see a lot of famines and groups of people spending time together in parks and communal areas.

Awesome entertainment

It’s worth relocating from LA to Las Vegas for entertainment opportunities. And we are not talking only about famous casinos. You can see a lot of awesome shows on a budget and not just only on the Strip. There are numerous museums and art galleries. If you’re a sports fan – this is going to be a great hub for you. Las Vegas has a National Hockey League team – The Vegas Golden Knights. Vegas also hosts many music festivals: Electric Daisy Festival, Punk Rock Bowling Festival, Life is Beautiful Festival and others. You would always find something to enjoy in that city.

One of the hottest job markets

Getting a job in Las Vegas is not that difficult, especially in the service industry. The city has many hotels, resorts, casinos, bars and restaurants looking for staff. Right now there are some difficulties due to the global pandemic, but finding a job in Vegas is pretty easy once everything gets back to normal.

Great place to retire

If you’re looking for a place to retire Las Vegas could be a good choice for you. Nevada often appears in Top-10 lists for the best places to retire. There are at least 22 retirement communities in the Las Vegas Valley, several in Henderson, North Las Vegas and Las Vegas. The local climate is phenomenal which is very important for people with health problems. Whether you seek interesting events, shows and concerts, or the peace and quiet of the outdoors, Las Vegas is definitely worth taking a serious look at for your retirement.

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Is it hard to move to Las Vegas from LA?

Every long distance move should be planned in advance and if you decide to do that, we advise you to hire professional mover services. It’s more possible to relocate your belongings safely and in time with the help of experienced movers. MuraWay Moving Company offers long distance moving services for those who value their time and money. Our movers are known for their great working experience, knowledge of the route, high-quality packing, loading and unloading services. Contact our office to discuss the details of your move.

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