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Will a moving company in Los Angeles move one piece of furniture?
MuraWay Moving can help with moving only one couch, for example, or also provide full packing and moving services. The hourly rate starts at $99/hr cash and $109/hr credit for 2 professional movers and 1 fully equipped truck, unlimited shrink wrap and tape, free use of blankets and wardrobe boxes are included.
How much LA moving companies charge?

You can contact our sales representatives or fill out a request for a quote on our website to 1 deposit casino nz.com get information about our services, hourly rates, extra charges, included supplies and more.

Can movers deliver my couch from a store?
One of the reasons to hire MuraWay is safe transportation. We know how expensive a couch can be, therefore, we have all the right equipment to gently pack your piece of furniture and deliver it without any damages.
Our Rates
If you simply want one item to be delivered to a certain location and you are searching online for: “Professional moving assistance in Los Angeles near me”, MuraWay is here to help. For most people, relocation is a time-consuming and stressful process. We are a responsible and certified relocation company that is willing to help you pack and move some or all your belongings. We guarantee that our employees will take care of your furniture and deliver it to the specified destination on time. You can rest assured, we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

What are the advantages of our couch moving service?

One of the reasons to hire MuraWay is safe transportation. We know how expensive it can be, therefore, we have all the right equipment to gently pack your piece of furniture and deliver it without any damages. We make sure that our workers can take the weight of your sofa and load it into the truck. When booking with us, you will be able to choose the number of helpers you would like to perform the service, specific date, and time, so you do not have to worry because you are in good hands. Another reason to trust our Los Angeles-based company is knowing that all of our trucks and equipment are properly sanitized on a daily basis. We will make sure that your belongings are being moved in a clean truck because our customers’ safety is our number one priority during these times when everybody has to stay healthy. By booking us for sofa transportation, you will see that your furniture will not be exposed to odors, dirt, insects, and will arrive clean without the slightest hint of damage. One more reason to book with us is our transparency when it comes to our prices and hidden charges. If you Google: “need to move one item in LA near me”, you will see a huge variety of relocation experts. Unfortunately, not all companies are to be trusted. There are many people out there reeling after experiencing poor services from different providers. Here, at MuraWay, we provide a clear price system and all details about our extra charges before you sign the contract. The price includes unlimited shrink wrap, unlimited tape, blankets, straps, dollies, and other necessary tools that our workers use to disassemble and reassemble your sofa.

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Relocating to a new house or apartment may seem exhausting but it should not be. Our advice is to start making a list of your belongings. It is very important to understand what you really want to take with you to a new place and what you would like to donate or get rid of. This will help us determine the best amount of movers, trucks, and supplies that we will prepare in advance to successfully finish the job. Our workers have years of experience and are trained for all kinds of challenges they might face on a job. Our guys know how to disassemble and reassemble any couch, how to properly protect it to prevent damage to the shape and fabric. Moreover, our employees keep their efficiency throughout the entire process, so you will never feel like they take forever to disassemble or load your sofa. Over the years we have built a team that continually shows professionalism, attentiveness and quality in couch moving services. Feel free to give us a call or request a free quote on our website to find out all the information about our assistance! We will contact you as soon as possible and ask a few questions, so we can understand your needs fully. We have managed to make the booking process because we appreciate your time. When the reservation is filled out, you will get a confirmation email. We will be more than happy to help you with your relocation in LA and guarantee that your furniture will be moved with zero damages involved and in a timely manner.
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We help our customers with packing their belongings appropriately to ensure damage-free delivery.

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