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House Moving Service in Los Angeles, CA

Looking for reliable LA-based moving companies to help you relocate your house? Then you are in the right place! While a household move is typically stressful and time-consuming,  we aim to prove otherwise! Here, at MuraWay, we develop an individual approach to each client and provide the relocation plan that meets the needs of our clients. Our movers realize that every household move is different and the comfort of our clients is the priority of our movers! Therefore, we will do everything to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly. Moving a house does not have to be stressful! With us, you will get your household relocation done fast, cheap and hassle free.

Our movers and packers provide reliable, prompt and timely service at affordable prices. This is confirmed by many of our clients. Their reviews have made MuraWay Moving one of the most trusted companies in Los Angeles. Instead of shifting heavy items on your own, you can hire a team of highly trained workers. It doesn’t matter if you move to a nearby street or to another area of ​​California. Our professional staff can even help you with the logistics of your interstate relocation. We will take on any task, even if you just need to transport a few items across Los Angeles.

MuraWay removal services are in demand for a reason! We help our clients at every stage of the relocation so that they need to solve as few difficult tasks as possible. Moving into a new house means starting a new life for many people, so it is very important that they only have positive memories. Hire our movers to enjoy the comfort of your new home as soon as possible. Get a cost estimate from our removal company today to know what to expect.

(833) 687-2929 Get a Free Onsite Estimate

Why Choose Professional Movers Over DIY

Moving into a new house always requires the development of a clear plan that will take into account all the necessary details. This seems like a very difficult task for many people who decide to relocate on their own. In addition, in such cases, injuries due to improper distribution of physical activity become a typical problem. Your belongings can also be damaged if you pack them incorrectly. Due to such typical mistakes, you can lose a lot of strength and time, and you will associate relocation with a tedious task. It is difficult to say how much your household move will cost on average, but due to lack of experience, you can lose a lot of money.

To avoid unnecessary surprises, hire a professional LA-based removal company. There are a lot of reasons why this might be the best decision:

  1. Workers will offer you reliable packaging materials, so that all your belongings will be safely loaded to the truck and transported to a new location without damage. Buying packaging materials yourself will probably not be cheap;
  2. Hiring professional movers will save you time. Imagine you need to relocate a 4+ bedroom home yourself. A large team will do everything for you and will cope with this task much faster. You will have time to do other things without haste and then immediately settle in your new house;
  3. Moving on your own may seem cheap, but inexperienced people can make a lot of mistakes. On average, these include parking fines, damage to your own items, damage to any building, delivery rent, personal injury, etc. So this is important to keep in mind.

How Much Does it Cost to Move Houses in LA?

You can always compare movers and get a free price estimate. It is very convenient to plan your budget in advance. Also checkout reviews of other clients to choose the best company. Removal prices in Los Angeles may vary, but, in any case, it will be a great investment in your future! Typical removal services include assembling, packing, safely transporting your items and unloading them at a new location. The workers will cope with any task, whether it is moving a studio or a five-bedroom house. Our house relocation services are in high demand in Los Angeles as moving even to another area of ​​the city can often bring a lot of problems. Estimate your house moving cost online now​ and choose an offer that fits your budget.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Your House Relocation in Los Angeles

A lot of movers refrain from giving any estimates because the final price of your relocation depends on different conditions. It is also always difficult to say in advance how long your move will take on average. Typical factors affecting the final cost include, for example, the size of your house, the number of steps, the long walking distance between the truck and your door. Here, at MuraWay, we charge a specific hourly rate, and our removal services include everything from packing to unpacking and everything in between.

Another significant factor to consider is the date of your relocation. For example, due to the weather, moving during the winter involves a good deal more prepping than the typical relocation. In addition, you cannot be insured against traffic problems and other unforeseen circumstances. So, moving a house to another location is a complicated process that requires careful preparation. On average, when moving households, each person faces certain problems they may not be able to address by themselves, but professional LA movers help to solve them! Hundreds of reviews from customers who have hired experienced workers confirm this!

Muraway Moving is One of the Best Companies in LA

It will be difficult for an average person to complete complex relocation tasks on their own, so it is better to turn to experienced workers. Hiring our removal firm will save you a lot of time and effort. There are no providers who know the Los Angeles area better than we do. Thanks to us, you will be able to find your way in such a big city and settle in a new place. Regardless of the type or size of your home, we can meet any of your local and long distance relocation needs. Rest assured that your belongings will be delivered safely, as our experts ensure that packaging techniques are followed and the quality of their materials is also monitored.

Our experts are aware that shifting heavy objects can harm your health, and we take it upon ourselves. Please note that the heaviest items we will move are safes and upright pianos.

(833) 687-2929 Get a Free Onsite Estimate

What Our Moving Process Looks Like:

First, we’ll give you a free relocation estimate. This way, our clients are able to plan their budget more rationally and assess all the risks. Additionally, you will know in advance how long it will take for us to pack your household and will be able to correctly plan your timeline.

We will carefully pack and label even the most fragile items. MuraWay trucks are supplied with the highest quality materials such as boxes, blankets, tape, bubble wrap. The packers will disassemble your pieces of furniture themselves and assemble them in a new location. It doesn’t matter whether you have a 3-bedroom house or a small apartment – we can handle any challenge!

Because safety is one of our top priorities, all of our packers have licenses and certificates confirming the completion of training.We treat your belongings as ours and you can relax knowing that your relocation is in the hands of experienced workers.

After the delivery of things to another location, we keep track of each item. According to your preferences, our trained staff will neatly place all your boxes and furniture in every room.

It is important that we give accurate estimates and keep our pricing low. That’s why we are affordable and reliable moving experts ready to meet any of your expectations and our reputation is proven by a large number of reviews from happy customers. MuraWay workers greatly appreciate it when you choose them as your shifting partner!

We can guarantee:

  • Exact delivery dates
  • Safe packaging options (including individual packaging for your fragile items)
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Unpacking and debris removal upon request
  • Safe transportation of your items

We want to relieve the stress associated with the relocation process and replace it with quality service. You can even entrust the furniture items shifting to our providers and at the same time take care of your personal tasks. Sure, you can compare the reviews of various LA moving experts, but rest assured that we are the one who caters to your unique needs. Here, at MuraWay, we are dedicated to promoting excellence in the removals industry!

We are proud to provide different price options for customers looking for the best cheap services. Customers can always choose the option that suits their needs and budget. For example, if you want to relocate a 3- bedroom house, we will provide more workers, trucks and the necessary equipment. You can always find out all our offers on the website or learn about the representatives of MuraWay.

Typical Relocation Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Our providers are well aware that relocation is a complicated process. Here are some tips on how to ensure your Move with Muraway goes as smooth and efficient as possible:

Think ahead and be organized. Measure items to make sure they fit into the gaps, determine the best place to park trucks. You can also pack individual items yourself that you only trust your family members. Experienced packers will take over the rest of the work. If you are relocating to another area, try to study its features and anticipate possible risks.

Many workers charge extra for shifting really heavy items, so think about what items will be unnecessary at your new location. Debris removal is part of our service, but it takes additional time, which may not fit into your schedule. This will be especially useful if you are relocating to another state.

Contact Us Today to Get Help Moving Into a New Home

Contact the MuraWay experts today for the best Los Angeles relocation services. We know everything about packing and unpacking, shifting and safely transporting your items.

It doesn’t matter to us what area you plan to settle in or how many things you have or whether you are planning to relocate all your belongings around the country or across the city, our team will help you figure out each step of the moving process. We will pack a house even with a large number of bedrooms.

Relocation does not have to be difficult and expensive, especially when you hire an experienced moving team with cheap moving rates. For us, “cheap” means affordable, not poor quality! Relieve yourself of stress and worries about the safety of your belongings with Muraway.

Still have questions or doubts? Feel free to call and write to us, we will get back an answer to you in a timely manner. We pride ourselves not only on our quality and experience, but also on our openness and pricing transparency.

(833) 687-2929 Get a Free Onsite Estimate


The total cost of moving services in Los Angeles depends on many factors, such as the size of your house, the area in which you are located, the distance between the door and the truck, traffic conditions. Movers will often provide a free estimate of your relocation so that you understand your costs ahead of time. Here, at Mooreway, we work at competitive prices, making us one of the best companies in LA.

Hiring MuraWay Moving Company will be your best decision! We provide a full range of services: packaging, unpacking, safe transportation of your items to a new location. Movers have years of experience and an excellent reputation in LA! We will help you, whether you are relocating a small apartment or a 4-bedroom home. Contact us today to find out about all the offers of the company.

There are some tips to help you make the move easier. First of all, think ahead. For example, you can get rid of unnecessary items that weigh a lot. Try to measure the dimensions of your belongings to make sure they fit through the doorways. If you’ve hired a moving company, try to provide a parking space for your truck as close to the door as possible. These simple tips will help both you and your movers.



This was probably one of my best successful moves! Nick was extremely responsive from requesting a quote to the actual move date. He was extremely flexible which is difficult to find with other moving companies.
Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Nisreen B.
Houston, TX

The team called me upon arriving with exact ETA and were right on time. I am so sorry it was hottest day, but you guys were amazing. fast, professional and courteous. I reallu appreciate your help. I would not done it without you. Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Nicole C.
Azusa, CA

Nick and Ivan are super helpful! Everything is done quick and beautifully with very reasonable price. Will definitely recommend to a friend. Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Viola F.
Irvine, CA