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Packing Services

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How much does MuraWay charge for  packing service?

In our business, it is always hard to blindly predict the cost. We charge by the hour and have a 3-hour minimum for all of our local services. The hourly rate depends on how many packers and supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap and wrapping paper you would need for your relocation. Feel free to contact our LA-based office for more information.

Is MuraWay Moving Company licenced?

Yes, we are fully insured and licenced. Moreover, here, at MuraWay, we provide our movers and packers with training, so your property is delivered to your new home undamaged.

How far in advance should I book my move in Los Angeles?

If you would like to move on a weekday, you can schedule your relocation 1 week  in advance. If you are planning to move on the weekend, we would definitely recommend schedule movers at least 2 weeks in advance because it is the busiest time for every company out there.

I had an amazing experience with MuraWay moving! Lisa was quick and helpful with the booking, she even found a way to get the movers to me early when I needed them. Ivan and Hugo wore masks and worked quicker than any movers I’ve ever used – they packed and moved my whole 1bd in less than 6 hours and were so affordable too. They didn’t upcharge for anything like wardrobe boxes or stairs etc, and were pleasant and delightful to work with. Cannot recommend their services highly enough, will absolutely use them for my next move. Thanks!

Britani W.

Los Angeles, CA

The team were pleasant, professional, efficient, strong, capable. The move was intense and long but they never wavered in their dedication to getting everything right and making it as painless as possible. They all wore masks. Ivan, Ivan, Alex and Vlad were fantastic from start to finish and they were careful w social distancing as well. Bonus – I got to practice my Russian! Thoroughly recommend this company. They worked hard for almost 12 hours to help pack, wrap, store some of my belongings in two garages and bring the rest to my new home. They only took one short lunch break and never stopped moving. Great crew!

Denise B.

Santa Monica, CA

Moving is one of the most stressful human endeavors. Gratefully, Ivan and Tom from MuraWay Moving made my moving experience seamless and relaxing. They were amazing from beginning to end. I could not have done all the packing and moving without them. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them, and also Lisa and everyone at MuraWay. I highly recommend MuraWay Moving.


Toluca Terrace, Los Angeles, CA

Our Rates

2 Movers 1 truck

$119/hr cash and $129/hr credit
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3 Movers 1 truck

$159/hr cash and $169/hr credit
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4 Movers 1 truck

$199/hr cash and $209/hr credit
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Packing services in Los Angeles, CA

Let’s be honest, moving is stressful for adults, kids, and even pets. Homeowners have a lot on their minds before their relocation such as finding a new home or buying a new one, making new arrangements with the water and power department, Internet and insurance providers, paying bills, and so much more. They also have to sort through their belongings and out everything in boxes. If you are planning to move without the help of a moving company nearby in Los Angeles, it might become a big challenge. Based on our experience, customers tend to underestimate the amount of furniture and boxes they have, end up renting a wrong size truck and damage their belongings during the relocation. Moreover, not everybody has the right equipment and supplies to disassemble and protect the furniture and miscellaneous things from scratches and dents. Just imagine doing all of this by yourself!
Moving a home or a business should not be difficult and nerve-racking. A lot of people in Los Angeles go through this every year, and still, many customers tend to feel pressured during the change. Nowadays, there are many perfect ways to find affordable local movers and packers nearby that can offer their help in shifting your furniture, transporting your belongings to a new home. You would not worry about renting a truck and equipment as well! It is also possible to hire one mover if you just need a hand in shifting heavy stuff. You can ask your friends and family if they have any suggestions for you. But make sure to do your own research, check honest reviews and photos of companies nearby, request quotes, even schedule in-person or online estimates if needed. Take your time and choose a perfect option that fits your budget and preferences.
Here, at MuraWay Moving Company, we have spent years to provide our movers and packers with the perfect training and prepare them for any challenge they might face on the job such as shifting heavy and bulky furniture, narrow doorways and staircases, and so on. Anytime, feel free to give us a call or fill out a request for a quote on our website, and our honest sales representative will contact you immediately! We work hard to accommodate our customers’ needs and provide our elite service daily.
We value your time and money and know how important it is that your property is delivered to your new home undamaged. Our professional local movers and packers will carefully wrap fragile items like plates, glasses, mirrors, picture frames, decor, silverware, and as well as your furniture and appliances with bubble wrap, wrapping paper, shrink wrap, and blankets, transfer clothes into wardrobe boxes, and books, kitchenware into labeled boxes, and load our truck. When they are delivered to your new home, you know which box goes where! Perfect, right? Along with the affordable residential assistance, we help LA-based companies relocate with ease as well. Contact our honest sales representatives for more information!
We charge by the hour and have a 3-hour minimum for all of our local services. Quick note: we will not be able to send you just one mover. The hourly rate depends on how many packers you would need for your home or business to be ready for the relocation. You can purchase supplies from Home Depot, U-Haul, and other providers. Or, you can save your time, and let us take care of your goods. Small, medium and large boxes, bubble wrap and wrapping paper at affordable prices are available for purchase on the day of your move. You can rest assured because we will create a perfect logistics plan for you, and our professional movers will securely protect all smaller and fragile items and put them into boxes. Your furniture will be disassembled if necessary, wrapped with blankets and shrink wrap to ensure the damage-free delivery in Los Angeles.

Can I hire MuraWay to pack only one room?

If you are running out of time and you still need help with just your kitchen or any other room, we have a service that would be perfect for you as well! This is a great solution for someone who wants to do most of the work themselves but still has to take care of other things. Our professional packers will efficiently wrap plates, glasses, silverware, picture frames, box up books, decor, other miscellaneous items and clothes. While our movers finish up a certain area of your home, you can focus on other tasks during your local relocation.

Affordable full packing services

Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive from our clients daily :

1. Does any moving company nearby provide such services?

Yes, we will be happy to offer you our professional help anytime in Los Angeles! Whether you would like to hire our elite packers for a 1-bedroom home or a 3-bedroom home, small or big business, we are ready to assist you.

2. How much do you charge for packing and moving a home ?

It is hard to blindly predict how much time the project is going to take. Some people lead a very minimalist lifestyle when the amount of furniture and miscellaneous items is relatively small. On the other hand, if we are talking about a 3-bedroom house, for example, with a lot of kitchen cabinets and appliances, furniture like dressers, book shelves. Moreover, a lot of people have garages and pantries. The cost in the first case will be vastly different from the cost in the second case.
To determine how much time the step will take, we schedule in-person estimates. Our professional representatives will make a list of inventory which will help us determine the size of your move, the crew size and the number of trucks required.
During Covid-19, we have scheduled dozens of online estimates. This is a great way to provide our customers with an estimate while keeping everybody safe. We can either request a FaceTime call or ask you to provide us with pictures and videos of everything you would like us to move. After that, you will receive our final estimate with other details such as the amount of professional movers and packers for your relocation, the number of trucks, additional fees, and so on. You will be able to choose your move date and the start time.

3. How much do you charge for supplies?

As it was mentioned before in this article, you can purchase supplies from a 3rd party. However, our trucks are fully equipped with all supplies. So, if you decide to purchase them from somewhere else but during packing you realize that you do not have enough, feel free to ask any mover for help anytime! During the online or in-person estimate, our representative will be able to roughly predict how much wrapping paper and bubble wrap and how many boxes are required to successfully finish up this step. You would not have to think about it before the move and focus on more important things, while we take care of the logistics and furniture shifting. Our professional elite packers, movers, and the entire MuraWay team knows how to accommodate any of your needs! Contact our LA-based company for more details, prices, logistics, and any additional charges.

4. Can you MuraWay movers and packers complete my project in one day?

In some cases, this is possible to do that in one day. It depends on the size of the move, the amount of smaller things that you would like us to pack, if there are stairs/elevators at your current and new home, narrow doorways/staircases. A long walking distance between our truck and your door can also affect the hours. Please note that packing is a time-consuming process, and we always recommend our clients to add additional movers and packers to speed up the process in order to complete the job in one day.
On the other hand, if you decide to not hire such a service, MuraWay Moving Company shall not be liable for items and boxes packed by the owner. The main reason for that is that some people do not put a lot of effort into protecting smaller things and just randomly put stuff in boxes. Unfortunately, anything can happen during shifting. Without a proper protection, your belongings might be broken or scratched. Therefore, at MuraWay, we provide our movers and packers with elite training and plan all logistics, so your property is delivered to your new home undamaged.
Please make sure to have a bag with essential things nearby. This bag should contain everything that you, your kids, or even pets might need during the next 24 hours such as first-aid it, medicine that is taken daily, chargers, extra clothes including sleepwear, toothbrush and toothpaste, snacks and drinks. We strongly recommend you not to transport cash, credit/debit cards, jewelry, electronics, documents, and other things that have sentimental value to you in a truck.

Should I hire MuraWay to unpack my boxes?

Let’s be honest, living in a unpacked home is stressful, especially when you urgently need to find something very important and there are 40 or more boxes waiting for you. Therefore, our local movers and packers can take that weight off your shoulders and organize your new home, so you can enjoy it as soon as possible!
We advise you to hire our services when:

  • Right after you relocation, you have to be at work and cannot get any time off
  • You are a parent and you cannot find even a minute to take care of the boxes
  • You have something very important planned out for the same time as your relocation and have to leave your home for a while
  • You have packed your entire home yourself, and now you are too exhausted and need help

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When our professional elite movers and packers take care of your belongings, they always label boxes to make unpacking easy, fast, and stress-free. Our employees will place everything right there where you want it to be, organize your kitchen, pantry, garage, bathroom, living room, and other spaces. Non-reusable supplies will be disposed after the move, so you would have to worry about it! Moreover, there is no extra charge for that!
Feel free to contact us at any time! We strive to make our customers happy after working with us. Our sales representatives will ask you some questions to understand your needs fully and answer yours regarding the logistics of the project! As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are exploring the integration of solar energy to power our moving operations, ensuring an eco-friendly and affordable relocation experience with MuraWay Moving Company in LA anytime! We are fully licensed and insured, and every mover goes through a background check for your peace of mind. You deserve a stress-free and green relocation with us!

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MuraWay is one of the best transportation companies that many online casino players use. But how much does MuraWay charge for packaging services with such a positive reputation and the answer to this question will follow – we charge by the hour and we have a minimum of 3 hours for all our local services, and the hourly rate itself depends on how many packers and consumables materials you will need to move, read also the news about Ways in which Shane Doan’s involvement can assist Maple Leafs in securing Auston Matthews’ signature In addition, MuraWay has a license and we are fully insured, as well as our movers and packers are trained to ensure that the property of each online casino player is delivered to their new home safe and sound.


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