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Equipment movers in Los Angeles (Near me)

One of the most demanded services from our commercial clients is equipment transportation. Trading companies, retailers, warehouse complexes and business centers have to provide their customers with the highest quality services, release new products that meet customer requirements both in terms of performance and cost. All this requires modernization, the use of new, modern technology, allowing to reduce the cost of production and improve the quality of customer services. MuraWay movers is always ready to help with transporting special or heavy equipment within Los Angeles and Orange County area.

We know that in most cases equipment consist of heavy and expensive items and its owners must be completely sure of its safety during the moving. MuraWay movers are always ready for such tasks as we are fully licensed to operate in LA, California and all of our rates include basic cargo insurance.

With our company you won’t be paying for unnecessary work or get overcharged for hidden fees. Our rates for equipments moving are clear and very affordable. Instead of charging by the volume or by the weight, we simply charge by the hour. Our LA movers team will plan the move in advance (its route, timing, features, etc.). This will reduce the time the cargo is on the way and your expenses.

We are working with office and shop equipment, delicate devices and machinery tools. MuraWay is also capable of transporting delicate or heavy musical instruments. We are ready move upright piano only. There is a special rate for that option – we charge $100 for the first floor and $300 for the second floor while working in Los Angeles area.

Transporting expensive and fragile cargo is always challenging. Road vehicles are the most affordable and convenient option for transporting special equipment. Nevertheless, the movers must know the exact measurements of the objects before the transportation started. MuraWay specialists always clarify complete set of equipment’s characteristics with each client. In case it’s not possible to take the oversized equipment out of the room entirely and load it onto a vehicle, we can dismantle it. This requires special knowledge and our employees are trained to perform such operation in a damage-free way.

Proper packing is important, as improper packing is the biggest cause of moving accidents. We securely pack individual units of equipment, use bubble wrap, cardboard, and wooden frames, which allow us to minimize any negative impacts during the trip. Also, individual parts are accurately labeled for the fastest and correct assembly on site. Rigid packaging also makes it possible to securely fasten the load and significantly facilitate the unloading of heavy objects by using lifting equipment.

Transportation of special items such as medical or laboratory equipment, musical instruments or machine tools requirements:

  • Shaking is unacceptable. This kind of equipment must be properly fixed to ensure immobility on a difficult route, which is usual for busy LA roads.
  • Correct temperature and humidity levels. Sensible equipment should not be exposed to microclimate changes.
  • Well-suited transport type – not every car is suitable for delivery in LA. In addition to the optimal carrying capacity, it’s important to pay attention to vehicle’s ability to pass through the difficult parts of the route.
  • Delicate work while operating special loading gear. Mechanical impact, falls, bumps are unacceptable.

If you want to save time and make sure your equipment is relocated safely, it’s better to hire professional movers. The best option for Los Angeles is to contact a moving company trained to operate with heavy cargo. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are exploring the integration of solar energy to power our moving operations, reducing our environmental impact. Experts not only provide the necessary vehicles but also offer loading and unloading, engineering control, and creating transportation projects for a more eco-friendly move.

Why choose us?

  • Efficiency of equipment moving. Transportation will not take much time, even with the high complexity of the route. We are Los Angeles based company and we are more than familiar with the city.
  • Professional loading and unloading special equipment at your facility. You can hire our movers even if space is limited – we will develop special schemes for loading and unloading operations
  • Possibility to transport different types of equipment, heavy equipment and oversized devices
  • Transportation to long distances
  • Excellent service and helpful movers team
  • Transparent pricing and affordable rates to choose from
  • We have got big experience in commercial moving and transportation of various types of equipment in Los Angeles

We recommend placing an order in our company. The professionalism of our movers will provide you with a whole group of advantages. Preparation for transportation begins with an evaluation scope of work. To do that, contact our LA office and share the details with MuraWay managers.

How to transport special equipment?
Transportation of expensive, fragile or heavy equipment is a task for licensed movers.
Which company near me does equipment moving?
If you’re looking for movers in Los Angeles please contact MuraWay moving company. We are licensed and trained to carry and transport special or heavy items in LA.
Is it difficult to move heavy medical equipment?
Yes, transportation of that kind of items can be very tricky. The movers must avoid severe shaking and rapid temperature or humidity changes.
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The dilemma almost everybody faces before an upcoming relocation is whether it is worth it to hire professionals. And if you want to experience a stress-free, thoroughly planned transportation, then your ponderings are about to stop because the answer is yes. Our reputable moving company takes the lead of the relocation from the starting point and delivers at the highest quality until the last one of your boxes is at the door of your new home or office. Oh, and of course, we offer help with unpacking. Simply because who wants to spend hours unboxing and reassembling everything instead of enjoying the new place. Two of our brightest qualities are time-efficiency and attention to the smallest details. Our professionally trained guys are skilled and experienced enough to carefully load your stuff into the truck without wasting your valuable time. Whether you are moving locally or it is a long-distance relocation, we can assist you with everything and anything. Our friendly team takes care of everything that you do not want to deal with.
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Our moving company is one of the best at what we do. We are fully licensed and insured to operate in the state of California. We provide full-service packing and relocation at the most affordable prices you could find. Our team provides professional relocation assistance in the Los Angeles area, Orange County, and throughout California. Our services include packing, local and long-distance commercial and residential moves, as well as senior and emergency relocation. In case you have to relocate to another state or require any other kind of transportation, we are excited to help you change the scenery without worries. Do you need to move your entire home or office? Or maybe you need help with shifting a piano or refrigerator? The top priority of our crew is to provide a top-notch quality relocation experience and accommodate our clients’ needs. Being in the industry for several years, we have the required skills, experience, and equipment to arrange and handle the relocation of any size and distance.
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The main concern lots of people have during the move is whether provided services match their budget. At MuraWay Moving, we understand that every transportation is unique, and we do our best to meet our customers’ preferences and needs. We believe that the relocation experience can be both inexpensive and stress-free. While at the same time, the quality does not downgrade one bit. Our team aspires to become one of the leading LA removal companies recognized by the amazing job our reliable movers perform. We charge our customers at an hourly rate, which indicates that the size or weight of your move, however big or small, does not matter. When filling out our online form, we ask you to specify the information crucial to the relocation. It involves factors that can change the total of hours, hence affect the final estimate. Our billing system is transparent. You pay for the services agreed upon without extra charges or hidden fees.
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