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Moving Boxes Price

Can I use my own boxes during relocation?
Almost all companies that assist with relocations in Los Angeles provide packing services. However, if you know where to buy moving supplies at a cheaper price, you can inform your carrier that you won’t need their help with packing and save yourself some money.
Where to buy moving boxes in Los Angeles?
There are many good home renovation shops, self-service warehouses, and truck rental companies in the city where you can get supplies at a cheap price. And of course, you can order them online.
Can I purchase my boxes from MuraWay Moving?
You sure can! We offer a big variety of packing supplies. When booking your LA relocation with us, feel free to ask our representatives for a price list.

Moving Boxes Price in Los Angeles, CA

When moving in Los Angeles, the main issue for many is the calculation of the price. It can be very difficult to add up all the factors and get a more or less clear picture even using online resources. Therefore, budgeting is an important step and foundation of any move. One of the main costs after paying for the work of the movers is the purchase of necessities such as moving boxes.

Many factors determine how cheap a moving box will cost for your budget: how many of them will be needed, what size they will be, and, of course, where you get them. So, where can you get supplies for your move at a cheap price?

If you live in LA, then it will not be a problem for you to find a place where boxes are cheap or even free. The first thing that comes to mind is to find moving boxes online. This is often the best option, most stores offer free shipping within California and also greatly outperform retailers. However, you can’t go wrong if you look at your local home renovation store, self-service warehouse, or shipping company before buying. Also, as an option for California residents, the purchase of moving boxes is available at the post office or truck rentals but the price there will be slightly higher than average. Therefore, it is important to think in advance about how many boxes you need for your move and compare prices and quality. Thus, you’ll be able to find this service for a small price

Supplies you should purchase for your relocation in LA

Below is an exhaustive list of packing materials that LA movers have to safely move your belongings:

  • Small, medium, large, and extra-large boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Wardrobe box (20” wide)
  • Furniture pads
  • Corner protectors
  • Tape
  • Small bubble wrap (1 foot)
  • Large bubble wrap (1 foot)
  • Shrink Wrap (full roll)

As mentioned earlier, the cost of supplies differs in different stores, so it is impossible to give an exact figure. However, don’t forget to do your own research and compare the cost.

Packing and Wrapping Instructions

When packing on your own, take these tips into account:

  • Tape. Each box should be sealed with duct tape or masking tape to avoid tearing the material during transport. It is worth gluing the box both from the bottom and from the top to prevent opening at the most inopportune moment. On average, 15-20 medium-sized boxes need one roll of duct tape. Try visiting wholesale stores where the supplies cost pennies.
  • Wrapping. You can replace packing paper with a regular newspaper, but there is always a risk that the print may leak and ruin your belongings. To avoid it, it is worth purchasing a special white wrapping paper without any prints.
  • Blankets. Furniture and fragile items must be wrapped with blankets to protect them from damage. Fortunately, most companies in California provide those for the time of the move at no extra charge.
  • Original Packaging. Use original boxes for electronics if possible. Don’t worry if you threw them away right after you moved in. Professional movers know how to protect TVs, computers, and speakers from scratches and dents.

According to most companies’ policies, they cannot be liable for items and boxes packed by the owner. So, when packing on your own, make sure that every little thing is carefully wrapped.

How to Save on Moving Boxes in Los Angeles

Pack the Boxes Ahead of Time

You will be surprised how many useful boxes you throw away in a month. Parcels from Amazon or other online stores are almost always packed in boxes that are perfect for your move. You can also ask your family or friends to stop throwing away their boxes and pick them up when needed.

Contact Local Stores

If you’ve ever worked in a grocery store, liquor store, or book store, you know how many unnecessary cardboard boxes they collect every day. The shopkeepers will almost certainly give them to you, as this eliminates the need to handle the box recycling process on their own. So, call a couple of stores in Los Angeles, the boxes may be much cheaper there than online, which shouldn’t hit your budget.

Consider Using Household Items

By wrapping a pot or a basket with foil, you turn it into a sturdy and spacious moving box for carrying loads. The main thing is to make sure they are securely sealed. The main plus here is the cost, it is equal to 0.

Compare Prices

Do not think that the difference of a couple of dollars between moving boxes from different stores does not make a difference. When the number of those exceeds a couple of dozen, your budget would be negatively influenced if you choose an expensive product instead of its cheaper counterpart. Therefore, pay attention to even small price differences.

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