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Los Angeles To San Francisco

What Is the Movers' Cost for Moving From Los Angeles to San Francisco?
Moving to California has many factors to consider before you calculate the final price. Firstly, you should estimate the size and weight of your stuff. Then identify the special conditions like the need for an elevator or extra heavy items that impact the cost of your transportation.
How to Get Full Coverage for the Damaged Things While Moving in California?
The distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco is long, that is why you should ask for insurance from your movers. Depending on your needs, you can buy an Actual Cash Value or Full Value insurance.
Can I File a Claim for the Damaged Items During the Transportation From Los Angeles to San Francisco?
Although California movers are not eager to damage your things purposely, if it has happened, you should form the claim. It will cost you extra money, but the revenue should cover all the losses.

Movers Los Angeles to San Francisco Cost

If you plan to move from LA to San Francisco, then this type of move will be defined as a long-distance one. Thus the price for replacing your stuff from one city to another will differ from the one within the city. Here we are to help you to calculate an approximate rate for movers’ service from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

How to Find a Trusted Company for a Reasonable Rate

While choosing a moving company, you should know that you are protected by the California Bureau of Household Goods and Services from all kinds of cheating practices including overpricing as well. Before you make an agreement with one movers service, research on the BHGS resources whether the desired company has a license to do the business. It also relates to customers’ experience. You can easily check the reviews about the service and read the complaint history to be sure it will not happen to you.

How to Calculate an Average Cost for Moving From Los Angeles to San Francisco

The most accurate picture concerning the cost will be clear after you do the estimate of your stuff and other conditions for moving:

  • Request the movers to come to your house and see what you are planning to move: furniture, clothes, special equipment, etc.
  • They will weigh the stuff and tell you how much it takes to pay for it.
  • The estimate also includes making research about special conditions that can increase your bill. For example, if you have heavy items that should be delivered by special equipment, the company will add them to a charge.
  • If there is no direct place to park for the truck near your house, the movers will also include it into the bill.

All the things discussed, you will see the company’s tariff and calculate an average cost for moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco. You can be sure that the service offers you an acceptable price as movers in California obey the rule ”not-to-exceed” the charge. Needless to say, no one is allowed to use verbal estimates. If the company suggests signing the papers without first consulting you, you can get in trouble and pay more than expected. Although California movers are trusted, you had better check the BHGS regulations and then start your trip.

What Are the Factors Influencing the Cost When Moving From Los Angeles to San Francisco

The main factor that impacts the bill is the number of things you are going to move. Again, every case is personal and if you have the stars or elevator, it will be added to a list. Some of the customers prefer using a packing option that is considered as an additional function for the additional price. But you can pack the items by yourself and sort them into categories. However, when you decide to conduct packing by yourself, the company is no longer responsible for the damage to the items.

What to Do in the Case of Damage

When dealing with a moving company from Los Angeles or any other city, insurance is the main thing that stands for your customer’s rights. If any of your items are damaged, the service should compensate 60 cents per pound for the thing. In California, moving companies offer high levels of coverage, but the extra protection will increase the cost. You have two options: Actual Cash Value or Full Value. In the first case, you should identify the item by its age, price, and packing condition. The second one covers all kinds of things, so its cost is higher.

What Is Special About the Carrier’s Liability

California moving services are not able to cover the damage under certain circumstances even when you add the most expensive insurance. As mentioned previously, if you pack the things by yourself, they can’t guarantee that the damage happened during the trip. The same rule works when you pack illegal things that may cause an explosion and damage the remaining stuff. Do not sign the documents when the delivery service just arrived. You are not aware of what has happened to your items during the long-distance ride in California until you check by yourself.

How to Make a Claim

If you are not satisfied because of the moving company’s service or they refuse to cover the damage, you can make a claim. Firstly, you should pay a freight bill – the bill in which you confirm the name of items, their size, and price. The carrier is allowed to refuse your claim if you do not pay the freight bill first. Then describe the damage in the smallest details. Add the photos/videos of how the shipment looked before the delivery. Show the receipts for everything you paid including the additional insurance. Save the destroyed box as evidence of your damage. Only if you file the detailed claim, it will be considered by the government. Save all the correspondences with the delivery service to prove that you made everything right.

Final Thoughtsv

The total price of moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco includes not the only charge for basic carrier’s functions, but the ones that are personal to every customer. Thus you should request a quote from the company’s manager and discuss all the factors that may increase your bill.

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