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We help our customers with packing their belongings appropriately to ensure damage-free delivery.

Want to move your business with minimal work disruptions? Request a free quote and schedule the relocation.

Moving short notice? Give us a call for affordable rates and get a free quote on the same day in Los Angeles!

Planning on moving within the state of California? Or maybe relocating to another state? We know how to handle long-distance moves.

Do you plan on moving next door or across Los Angeles? Save your time and money by hiring our movers.

If you need help with shifting heavy items like a piano, we are at your service.

We provide professional assistance with moving older adults to a new home. We take care of you and your family.

We provide customized moving services to accommodate the needs of our customers. Give us a call or get a quote online.

How Can I Choose the Best Relocation Vendor in Los Feliz?
Follow these steps: study vendors’ descriptions, read customer reviews, analyze several options and make a decision only after weighing all the pros and cons. If you don’t have time to research the vendors in your area, feel free to contact MuraWay Moving Company which is the top service provider.
What Are the Main Differences Between Professional Los Feliz Movers?
Remember, in order to make the right choice, you must pay attention to more experienced companies, do not use the services of companies that ask for payment before the move. Finally, you have to understand what you pay for thanks to transparent pricing.
How Much Can I Expect When Relocating to Los Feliz?
The final price will depend on the distance that will need to be traveled, on the characteristics of the transported cargo, as well as on additional services that may be needed when using movers.

Best Movers in Los Feliz, CA

Los Feliz is one of the most famous neighborhoods in California. It’s located between Hollywood and Silver Lake in Los Angeles. A huge number of actors and celebrities live here, you just need to be prepared to meet Angelina Jolie or Colin Farrell during your morning jogging. People who live there are really lucky ones. And if you are one of them, then consider that you belong to a small percentage of people who can afford to buy real estate in Los Feliz. You are even more fortunate if you are planning to move to this wonderful area. Because here we have collected all the tips on how to choose professional movers.

Signs of a Good Moving Companies

Sometimes it can be really hard to choose your moving company in California because presently there are a huge number of movers. During the searching of the service, you may have a question. How can you find conscientious movers? Here are some tips which will help you to make the right choice.

Years on The Market

Pay your attention to the date of foundation, because over the years, more and more unscrupulous companies appear in Los Feliz. The fact is that the more years the vendor has, the more it will monitor its professional reputation. Companies with experience value each of their clients, because even one unpleasant incident can ruin years of hard work. Therefore, if you doubt your choice, always give preference to experienced movers.

Transparent Pricing

This is also a very important criterion when choosing movers. When viewing prices for services, you will not have any questions. Professional movers can charge more for their services than their colleagues, but at the same time, the quality and transparency of these services will always be at the highest level.

No Payments Before the Service Delivery Required

The majority of reputable and professional companies will not ask you even for a little payment before moving. You should be alarmed by the fact that the movers immediately want to get money. If you are faced with this situation, then most likely, you are in front of a fraud. In this case, you need to immediately stop cooperation with such a service.

Things to Do Before Choosing Moving Vendors in Los Feliz

The budget that you are willing to spend to pay for your move is a really important thing which will also further determine the choice of the company. In order for you to be able to form your budget based on your capabilities, here are some points that affect the formation of the movers’ price tag.

Determine the Distance Before Moving

Most professional movers raise the price tag for their services with every kilometer. Discuss with the performers how much your trip to Los Feliz will cost you. Of course, if you move within California then you can count on sparing prices. But if you move from another state then you have to prepare your wallet for big expenses.

Discuss All the Features of Transportation in Advance

If you are not ready for unforeseen expenses in this case, you should discuss all the features that movers may encounter. If they are forced to move your favorite sofa to the 6th floor without an elevator, they will gladly add an extra couple of hundred dollars to the check for the services. To avoid this, warn the employees in advance.

Don’t Forget About Insurance

You have every right to request insurance of your property for the duration of the carriage. Naturally, among your things, there will be devices or other expensive things. Therefore, be sure to find out if the insurance is included in the amount you will pay for the move.

Tips for Choosing the Best Service Provider in Los Feliz

Once you visit Los Feliz, CA, you will fall in love with this place and want to buy yourself a dream house in this elite area. But before you can enjoy your brand new apartment in Los Feliz, you will need to go through a less pleasant process that is called moving. Fortunately, a properly selected organization can make this process easier. Follow these simple rules to find a professional moving company in CA.

Research the Companies in Your Areas

Before starting to look for moving companies directly in Los Feliz, make research among your friends, relatives, or colleagues. You will be surprised how many of your mates have already used the services of movers. In addition, you will not worry about the quality of the services and maybe they will even give you a discount.

Check the Reviews of the Previous Clients

First of all, before calling or writing to the organization you like, conduct your investigation. Explore review sites related to your company. Such situations often occur that unscrupulous representatives can be identified even at this stage. Therefore, take note to always check the reviews of previous clients.

Request Price Estimates

Do not forget to ask for the necessary financial documentation. You have every right to do it. Any professional company will easily provide you with any document you wish. In this case, you solve two problems at once. First of all, you roughly understand the budget that you will have to spend on your moving and secondly, you check the company for conscientiousness. There are a lot of movers in Los Feliz, who simply want to make money from you. So take your time and do not make a deal with the first company that caught your eye.

Contact the Chosen Companies and Evaluate the Quality of Communication

Having identified the top companies, you can proceed to the negotiation stage. Call the official representative and explain to him the situation and the services you need. You can understand a lot from just one call. If the manager communicates with you in an inappropriate manner most likely you will face the same attitude when you move. In this case, you need to keep looking for more professional help.


Moving is just as important a part as renovating your home, and without the necessary training and knowledge, you can easily fall into fraudsters. But, now that you have learned the main features of moving companies you can easily bypass all unscrupulous representatives in Los Feliz.

If you want to ensure a stress-free and easy relocation experience in Los Feliz, CA, feel free to contact MuraWay Moving Company. We have lots of experience and know how to organize the process correctly.

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