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Express Packers Services


Is it expensive to hire express packers in Los Angeles?

It depends on the complexity of the move. If you need to speed up the process you may want to ask for more additional movers and packers. The prices at MuraWay Moving company start at $109/hr (cash) and $119/hr (credit) for 2 movers and 1 truck.

What company does express packing and moving in Los Angeles?

A well-trained team of MuraWay Moving company is always ready to help you with relocating your property quickly and efficiently in LA and Orange County.

What are the tips for express moving?

Make a list of the things you are transporting to your new place. Do not forget to label the boxes. Hire professional packers and movers to prepare your furniture and items for the safe move!

Nick and Ivan are super helpful! Everything is done quick and beautifully with very reasonable price. Will definitely recommend to a friend.
Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Viola F.

Irvine, CA

The team called me upon arriving with exact ETA and were right on time. I am so sorry it was hottest day, but you guys were amazing. fast, professional and courteous. I reallu appreciate your help. I would not done it without you.
Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Nicole C.

Azusa, CA

This was probably one of my best successful moves! Nick was extremely responsive from requesting a quote to the actual move date. He was extremely flexible which is difficult to find with other moving companies.
Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Nisreen B.

Houston, TX

Our Rates

2 Movers 1 truck

$119/hr cash and $129/hr credit
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3 Movers 1 truck

$159/hr cash and $169/hr credit
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4 Movers 1 truck

$199/hr cash and $209/hr credit
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Express Packers and Movers in Los Angeles, CA

One of the most important steps of moving is packing. It can take days or even weeks to prepare for the move if you do not get any help, especially if you have no professional assistance. That task requires patience and a lot of thinking, so if you are running out of time it is better to delegate preparations for the move to professionals instead of doing it yourself.
MuraWay Moving company can help you with your express move in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our experienced packers and movers will organize your belongings in the safest way possible. If you hire professional movers you can forget about the stress of your move and focus on more important things – your family, pets or your work.
We know how precious your time is and we understand the importance of being able to move quickly. Our express packers and movers can relocate your household or your LA business in a matter of hours. Of course, it depends on the complexity of the move but the more people you hire, the quicker your move will be done. We can offer you a full-service or partial packing. If you are not taking all of your furniture to a new location, we can prepare and load only the things you pick.

What are the reasons to hire express packers?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, it may be a good idea to hire help.

  • Your house has been sold and you have to move out from your current home as soon as you can
  • You do not want to pay the rent at your current place for an extra week/month
  • You have a lot of valuable possessions that should be packed carefully
  • You need to change your company’s office and you do not want to interrupt a working process for a long time
  • You do not have any packing materials and you can not estimate how much are you going to need for your move
  • Packing makes you exhausted and you do not want to be stressed out

How much do I pay for the packing materials?

If you are hiring the MuraWay Moving company for your Los Angeles move, you do not need to pay extra for such supplies. Our rates include free shrink wrap, unlimited tape, free use of blankets and wardrobe boxes.
If you would like to purchase packing supplies from a 3rd party, you can find them at any LA hardware store or some supermarkets. Such providers such as Home Depot and U-Haul can be a good choice.

What are the tips for express packing?

When you are in the process of changing your living or business situation, things can get overwhelming. It is very easy to forget about something in a rush – happens to all of us. That is why it is very helpful to create a list of items that you want to take with you. Check the boxes during the loading and after unloading – this way you will be sure nothing is left behind.
Whether you are hiring a movers or doing most of the move yourself — unpacking is going to take time. Of course, it is going to be much quicker if you have professional help. Nevertheless, it does not happen in a minute. You are going to need some essentials by the time you arrive at your new place. Prepare a bag with the necessary items and keep it close to yourself.
Labeling your boxes is very important. Do not dismiss this step in order to save your time – it will cause the opposite effect. Unlabeled boxes and bags will bring a lot of mess into your new place. Imagine the frustration of trying to find something you desperately need in the pile of stuff. Do yourself a favor and let the packers organize your belongings.

You can also use tips with the best australian online casino payid to afford to hire 4 or more professionals for help with your express packing.

Feel free to hire additional movers and packers to speed up the process. The question of time can be critical but you can always solve it by getting more hands to help. For example, if you need 3 people and 1 truck it is going to cost you $139/hr (cash) and $149/hr (credit) on a weekday. The option with 4 specialists and 1 truck starts at $169/hr (cash) and $179/hr (credit) which are very affordable prices for express moving services in Los Angeles.

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