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Can my employees help with an office move? 

You should not ask your personnel to participate in moving furniture, business equipment or heavy and bulky items. They can damage the property or get injured as they are not experienced in such tasks.

How much does it cost to hire commercial movers in Los Angeles?

The prices are different and depend on the number of trucks, the size of the crew, the amount of furniture/boxes in your office, and other conditions. Our rates start at $109/hr cash and $119/hr credit for two movers and one truck.

Who provides office relocation services in Los Angeles?

If you are looking for an experienced and professional team licensed to work in LA, you can hire the MuraWay Moving Company!

Nick and Ivan are super helpful! Everything is done quick and beautifully with very reasonable price. Will definitely recommend to a friend.
Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Viola F.

Irvine, CA

The team called me upon arriving with exact ETA and were right on time. I am so sorry it was hottest day, but you guys were amazing. fast, professional and courteous. I reallu appreciate your help. I would not done it without you.
Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Nicole C.

Azusa, CA

This was probably one of my best successful moves! Nick was extremely responsive from requesting a quote to the actual move date. He was extremely flexible which is difficult to find with other moving companies.
Thank you for all of your help and for making my move easy and painless. If I move again I’ll definitely be coming back to you!

Nisreen B.

Houston, TX

Our Rates

2 Movers 1 truck

$119/hr cash and $129/hr credit
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3 Movers 1 truck

$159/hr cash and $169/hr credit
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4 Movers 1 truck

$199/hr cash and $209/hr credit
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Professional Office Movers in Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes companies are faced with the need for office shifting. The reasons for that may be different, but the problems that businesses face are very similar. Imagine that you have found a new comfortable and conveniently located Los Angeles building with reasonable rent and decided to move. Before making the final decision to change the location of your office, once again estimate all the pros and cons. It should be understood that the transportation of corporate furniture and commercial equipment is troublesome and requires a professional approach. We will talk about this in more detail in our article.

How to prepare for office shifting

If you decide to transport things without packing them in a special container, then for these purposes you should use special vehicles equipped with soft rollers and gaskets that allow you to ensure the safety of the cargo. The majority of moving companies in Los Angeles have such cars.
Do not leave a lot of space between items when transporting cargo. You can fill the entire space by placing light items over large objects.
We recommend that you follow these rules when packing office equipment for transportation:

  • Cover upholstered furniture with wrapping material. It will protect your property from moisture, precipitation, dirt and dust.
  • It is advisable to cover large objects with a stretch wrap that will help preserve their surfaces.
  • Small parts and fittings should be packed in signed boxes.
  • When packing glass and mirrors, wrap them with foam or bubble wrap. This will help to bring fragile parts to their destination in complete safety. In case of improper packaging, they are the first to be damaged.
  • Secure movable parts of shelves and cabinets, doors and drawers with tape to avoid breakage.

Moving companies certified to work in LA have acquired a wealth of experience in transporting commercial equipment. It is always a good decision to hire professional movers for your corporate move and focus on other tasks.
It is never a good idea to perform a move without packing bulky goods properly. Although it is a time-consuming process, it allows you to keep your items safe items during corporate relocation.
Before relocating furniture, it is sometimes necessary to disassemble it. This is a complex part of the move that requires certain training from movers. This is followed by some arrangements to ensure the safety of cargo during loading and transportation.
You need to be especially careful with office equipment while transporting it via Los Angeles roads. It must be properly wrapped in quality packing materials. Movers take care not only of the desks, chairs, copiers and other heavy objects but important documents, stationery and other business property. Things like those must be packed in labeled boxes or containers. The labeling of the boxes should be done very carefully, so that everything in the new place can be found without difficulty.
In most cases, it is better to transport expensive commercial equipment on a separate vehicle. It is advisable to disconnect technical equipment and communications after everything else is packed to ensure the continuity of the company.
At the new place, all things are unpacked, the furniture is reassembled and arranged following the plan of placement in its places. Usually, the first thing to do is to install the server and make sure all the communications are connected. The next step after arranging furniture and connecting equipment is to unpack and place documents and personal belongings of employees.

Why relocating office yourself is not the best idea

Moving costs in Los Angeles can be high, especially when it comes to office shifting. But it is never a good idea to try saving money on that service by refusing to hire professionals. If you are asking yourself “What company provides such services at a good cost near me?” – the answer is right here. MuraWay Moving can offer you high-quality services in Los Angeles at affordable rates.
It is a well-known fact that a change of scenery has a positive effect on people. So, you can expect that the move to another part of Los Angeles will inspire your team to work even harder and be more productive. But this can only happen if the process is well organized and runs clearly and smoothly.
Note that you should not involve your employees in the office shifting. The main reason is that everyone has to do their job. Your employees have been hired to perform very specific duties, and you do not need to force them to do what they are not ready for. The transportation should involve professional movers well-trained to perform such services in Los Angeles.
There are other reasons why you should not use your staff for the move:

  • Loading and unloading require physical strength and a certain amount of experience. Not every employee can cope with them so you could endanger their health.
  • Employees’ opinion on corporate management may drastically change.
  • Working time will be lost, which threatens to disrupt the performance of important tasks.
  • There is a risk that employees will be unhappy with the intention to engage them in outside work. And this may affect the quality of their main activities.
  • Lack of experience can lead to damaging property during transportation.

Lack of experience is perhaps the main reason why the equipment should not be transported by your staff. Average people can make mistakes that experienced movers avoid.

Vehicle selection.

First, you need to determine the type and number of trucks required for the move. If the office is small, then perhaps one truck will be enough. It is more difficult to estimate the number and type of vehicles needed for medium and large businesses. However, a competent moving specialist can give you an estimate services.


Experience has shown that some furniture must be dismantled before relocation. Movers who perform such tasks daily will come with the tools and will quickly cope with everything. If you start disassembly on your own, in the absence of experience and the right tools, then you can not only spend a lot of time on work but also make the items unusable.

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Preparation for the move.

Never forget about the wrapping. Packing supplies do not cost that much and Los Angeles moving companies usually come with their packing materials. Movers can estimate how many supplies are needed and make a better decision about what to pack and how exactly.

Loading and placing items in the truck.

It is very important to load a truck the right way. Professional movers know how to do it, where to start loading and how to end it.
Moreover, professional moving teams offer basic insurance for the move, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your commercial property. LA-based MuraWay Moving Company is one of these teams. We are always ready to help you with your move and make sure your belongings are transported safely at a better cost.

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