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What are the benefits of delivery service?
Professional delivery can save customer’s time and energy. Experienced movers always make sure to transport items safely and efficiently.
I bought furniture from a store near me, but I can’t pick it up. Who can I hire to deliver it?
You can hire professional movers to deliver your furniture. If you’re in Los Angeles or California, MuraWay Moving company can help you with transporting cargo.
Who does heavy objects delivery in LA?
MuraWay Moving will pick up and deliver heavy or bulky cargo in LA. The company’s movers can provide you with high-quality services at affordable rates.
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Delivery Service Movers in Los Angeles, CA

If you don’t need to move your whole home or business but only some of your belongings, we have an option for that – high-quality delivery and pick-up services in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Why should I get a delivery service?

There are many reasons to hire professional movers to pick up and deliver your items. The main one is that you will be saving your time and energy by delegating the process to experienced specialists with knowledge of Los Angeles routes and traffic. You could say to yourself: “It’s right near me, there is no need to hire a delivery” and end up losing time you could spend enjoying your favorite show or cooking dinner. If you’re hiring movers, you will be probably offered same-day delivery, so if you’ve purchased something you need as soon as possible you don’t have to wait for a long time before getting it to your home or office. Another reason is avoiding the stress of loading and unloading bulky objects. You don’t have to ask your friends or family to help you with carrying your new sofa or an expensive antique desk. Things can get even more complicated if you need to pick up something heavy from the higher floor or carry through narrow corridors and exits. Professional movers know how to complete such processes in the most efficient way. If you’re worried about the safety of your items you may also consider choosing a professional delivery service. Licensed movers know the right way to place and fasten your items in the vehicle’s body. Securing them will prevent damaging during delivery. Let’s not forget about your own safety and health. In times like these, many people are unable to leave their house and pick up the stuff they need due to lockdown. This is also a legitimate reason to hire a delivery instead of performing it yourself. Many businesses have already proven the safety and efficiency of same-day delivery services.

What can be delivered by movers?

Usually, it’s something of big size or heavy weight. Beds, couches, refrigerators, exercise machines, commercial or medical equipment – anything you would not be comfortable picking up or move by yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t hire movers to deliver or pick up small or light items. Simply contact the movers and discuss your needs with the specialists.

Who offers delivery services near me?

If you’re looking for such services in LA you can’t go wrong with hiring MuraWay Moving company. Our team consists of background-checked and trained movers who know their way around Los Angeles. The company is fully certified to perform delivery in California and your cargo will be protected by our comprehensive cargo insurance. If you need to pick up or deliver something outside of LA – feel free to contact us and discuss the details. We are proud of our flexibility and we also provide long-distance transportation. MuraWay Moving Company is constantly looking forward to meeting and exceeding our customer expectations. This is proven by numerous excellent ratings and reviews from our satisfied customers.

How much does delivery cost?

Los Angeles is known for its high costs and finding an affordable delivery service can be tough. Especially if you need to pick up or transport something of a big quantity or size. MuraWay Moving Company offers an alternative in the world of moving and delivering. Instead of charging by the weight or volume, our company charges its services based on an hourly rate. The rates start from $109/hr (cash) and $119/hr (credit) for two movers and one truck. You can find more information about different rates and pricing options on our site or by contacting our office.
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We help our customers with packing their belongings appropriately to ensure damage-free delivery.

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