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Senior Moving Services

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What do senior moving specialists do?
Such movers help older adults to organize, manage and perform the move from start to finish.
Who does senior moving service in Los Angeles?
MuraWay Moving Company is fully trained and licensed to perform such service in LA and Orange County.
How to choose good senior moving specialists near me?
It’s better if you contact the company and discuss your requests and worries before the move started. Senior moving specialists must have experience in working with older people, be helpful, polite and very attentive.
Our Rates

The process of moving in LA can be overwhelming for everyone and especially for seniors. Whether it’s moving to their children’s home, retirement home, an assisted living residence or downsizing – each reason to move is ending up in leaving their current home and precious memories behind. Relocating your property is a big change which should be taken care of by professional movers. If you’re contemplating hiring movers in Los Angeles we will give you the reasons why it’s important to find the trustworthy professionals in this field.

Who is a senior moving specialist?

Those movers specialize in helping older adults to move out and relocate to their new place of living with the extra attention and comfort they require. The task of preparing, sorting, unplugging and packing your belongings is very time-consuming for every family. Often seniors simply don’t have enough energy to do all the necessary preparations by themselves. Senior moving specialists help them to go through the stressful process of moving in LA without any hassle. 

What do such movers do?

Senior moving specialists support the process of moving from point A to point B and make sure their senior client is free of moving worries. First of all, they plan the process through – what items should be relocated, how many trucks are going to be needed, how to prepare the belongings and move them out of the building in the most sufficient way and how to load them safely. They are also responsible for the unloading and unpacking. It’s understandable that sometimes elderly people unable to move heavy furniture or plug their TV-set in by themselves. The movers are there to help an older generation with those problems.

What is different about senior moving process?

As we mentioned before, changing your place of living is overwhelming and it’s important to make seniors feel in charge of what’s happening during the move. Professional team of Los Angeles-based MuraWay Moving Company can make older clients feel involved in the process so they will not see the change as something that’s just ‘happening to them’. To achieve that, we ask our senior clients to make decisions about items that are special to them. This may be packing their photo album collection or directing the movers about sorting kitchen supplies – that decision-making process helps seniors to accept the changes easier. Senior moving specialists from our team help clients emotionally adjust to changing their home location by listening to their wishes and worries. We schedule every aspect of the move to save time and money.

Can I hire senior moving specialists for my older family members?

If you’re looking for a team to organize a move in Los Angeles for your parents, grandparents or siblings, you should select from professional and experienced movers who know the city’s routes. Here, at MuraWay Moving Company we can guarantee you that we will make the transition in their lives seamless.

When choosing the movers in Los Angeles you have to check that the company is licensed to perform moving services in California. MuraWay Moving Company meets that requirement and has enough experience to work with heavy, fragile or difficult items. Each of our rates includes basic insurance so you can trust us with delegating your parent’s move without worrying for their belongings’ safety.

How much does senior moving service cost in LA?

Here, at MuraWay Moving Company, we are proud of our affordable and compatible prices. Moving services in Los Angeles can be expensive and sometimes unreasonable. We made it clear – instead of charging by the item’s weight or volume, we charge by an hour. Our rates also include free shrink wrap, unlimited tape, blankets, straps and other moving and packing tools. You can find more information on pricing by clicking the ‘Price’ button above.

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