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Apartment movers in Los Angeles

Apartment moving in LA is a difficult and time-consuming process which is not always possible to do by yourself. It’s better to delegate that task to professionals. Apartment movers from a reliable Los Angeles based company MuraWay will help you to move without any problems or delays.

We successfully accompany apartment moving in Los Angeles and our experience makes it hassle-free for clients. We are ready to help with any cargo transportation in LA. To make order or discuss your move with professionals you just need to contact our manager and clarify the details.

MuraWay company has developed an algorithm for organized cargo transportation in Los Angeles, powered by solar energy. We can assure you that all of these steps will be done in the most efficient and eco-friendly way possible. Our commitment to sustainability ensures a smooth and green relocation experience for our customers.

  • Packing. To ensure that nothing is damaged during delivery, our movers need to pack all items with high quality. We provide a wide range of packaging materials for our clients.
  • Loading into transport. Depending on the process and items’ size, it takes different time, but we do it as quickly as possible.
  • Direct transportation. The cargo is carried out as agreed with the customer.
  • Unloading and Unpacking. If you need loading/unloading at different addresses, this must be negotiated with the manager.

Choosing MuraWay apatment movers is a right way to secure your belongings and make sure that your move in Los Angeles will go according to the established stages, quickly and comfortably.

If you need to move urgently, our company will create all the conditions for it. Approaching the planning of an apartment move as thoughtfully as possible, it is necessary to organize the process of moving to a new living space in a high-quality manner and with minimal financial and time costs. The move, built on the professionalism of specialists in the field of cargo transportation, allows not only to get through the move to another LA apartment without unnecessary trouble, but also without loss, in the most orderly way. To do this, you need to contact MuraWay moving company and place an order. Everything else, including the complete relocation of the apartment, will be organized and performed by our employees.

On the selected day and hour, our specially trained movers will prepare your belongings for transportation and load furniture and other big items into the truck using devices to avoid damage. Then, carefully and on time, all items will be moved to the new LA apartment.

If there is a need to lift and carry a big cargo that does not enter the elevator or does not pass through the staircase, it’s possible to lift heavy items along the wall of the house via climbing equipment and blocks. We carry out apartment transfers of any complexity. Contact professionals to avoid the numerous problems that may result from a spontaneous relocation of the apartment.

MuraWay company takes responsibility for its employees work. Our professional movers organize well-coordinated teamwork. They have excellent experience in transporting expensive, fragile and valuable items. When transporting musical instruments such as pianos, higher-level specialists are needed, because the appearance and safety of the instrument depend on the loading and unloading operations. Our movers are fully licensed to perform a moving services in LA and trained to work with a large-sized musical instruments. MuraWay team can move upright piano only – we charge 100$ for the first floor and 300$ for the second floor.

Moving Los Angeles apartment inexpensively, quickly and efficiently is possible with the MuraWay movers!

Some useful tips for apartment moving in Los Angeles:

  • You must start collecting your belongings at least a week in advance to avoid confusion and panic at the appointed date of moving;
  • Before starting the packaging process, you need to stock up on materials such as spacious bags, scotch tape, cardboard boxes of different sizes, newspaper or wrapping paper, spar and other packing materials;
  • Special attention should be paid to the packaging of books. They better be placed in medium-sized boxes. It could be difficult to transport them in bigger boxes as those can get very heavy;
  • If you have to dismantle wardrobes and mezzanines, think about how much you need these things and whether it is worth moving them to another home;
  • When preparing your furniture for transportation, you need to disassemble the furniture that can be disassembled, which will greatly facilitate the move;
  • The most important step is choosing the right movers company. Such companies are responsible for the safety and integrity of the property. By making an order at MuraWay you will protect yourself and carry out the move as quickly and efficiently as possible.
What company is licensed for apartment moving near me?
MuraWay movers team is fully qualified and licensed to perform moving services in Los Angeles.
What should I do before hiring apartment movers?
You should discuss your moving plans with the specialist or movers manager and decide what items you would like to take with you to your new apartment.
How much does it cost to move an apartment in LA?
MuraWay moving company is very proud of our affordable prices and flexible rates, starting from 89$/hr with no extra charges.
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Los Angeles Area
The dilemma almost everybody faces before an upcoming relocation is whether it is worth it to hire professionals. And if you want to experience a stress-free, thoroughly planned transportation, then your ponderings are about to stop because the answer is yes. Our reputable moving company takes the lead of the relocation from the starting point and delivers at the highest quality until the last one of your boxes is at the door of your new home or office. Oh, and of course, we offer help with unpacking. Simply because who wants to spend hours unboxing and reassembling everything instead of enjoying the new place. Two of our brightest qualities are time-efficiency and attention to the smallest details. Our professionally trained guys are skilled and experienced enough to carefully load your stuff into the truck without wasting your valuable time. Whether you are moving locally or it is a long-distance relocation, we can assist you with everything and anything. Our friendly team takes care of everything that you do not want to deal with.
Orange County Area
Our moving company is one of the best at what we do. We are fully licensed and insured to operate in the state of California. We provide full-service packing and relocation at the most affordable prices you could find. Our team provides professional relocation assistance in the Los Angeles area, Orange County, and throughout California. Our services include packing, local and long-distance commercial and residential moves, as well as senior and emergency relocation. In case you have to relocate to another state or require any other kind of transportation, we are excited to help you change the scenery without worries. Do you need to move your entire home or office? Or maybe you need help with shifting a piano or refrigerator? The top priority of our crew is to provide a top-notch quality relocation experience and accommodate our clients’ needs. Being in the industry for several years, we have the required skills, experience, and equipment to arrange and handle the relocation of any size and distance.
Long Distance
The main concern lots of people have during the move is whether provided services match their budget. At MuraWay Moving, we understand that every transportation is unique, and we do our best to meet our customers’ preferences and needs. We believe that the relocation experience can be both inexpensive and stress-free. While at the same time, the quality does not downgrade one bit. Our team aspires to become one of the leading LA removal companies recognized by the amazing job our reliable movers perform. We charge our customers at an hourly rate, which indicates that the size or weight of your move, however big or small, does not matter. When filling out our online form, we ask you to specify the information crucial to the relocation. It involves factors that can change the total of hours, hence affect the final estimate. Our billing system is transparent. You pay for the services agreed upon without extra charges or hidden fees.
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